Inspiration for Success in Senior Care Business

Famed American author and politician Bruce Barton once said that the secret to success was to “develop the opportunity that was at hand.” With 10,000 people turning 65 everyday in America, there may be no better opportunity out there for prospective business owners than the senior care business model, and no better avenue to develop it than through the Executive Home Care Franchise family.

But do you have what it takes to make the most of an industry valued at over $55-billion?

In today’s post, the Executive Home Care Franchise team profiles what a successful senior care business owner looks like, outlining some of the emotional and attitudinal prerequisites that will help your franchise flourish.

Profiling Successful Senior Care Business Owners

  • Communication skills. Whether you’re getting involved with your clients’ care or simply managing the company’s infrastructure, great communication skills are paramount. You should be comfortable and capable when it comes to speaking and listening to your staff and clients’ needs. You may be responsible for discussing treatment options, delivering sensitive news, or otherwise putting the concerns of your clients to rest.
  • Professionalism and knowledge. A great home care provider is always in-touch and in control. Because you are involved with the care of someone’s parents, or people who are disabled or recovering from an illness, professionalism is of paramount importance. A successful care provider will ensure that the quality of their work is delivered as promised and on time. For senior care business owners, professionalism and knowledge of the business is crucial for assessing the wants and needs of clients to arrange the best care options. 
  • Client care needs are always changing, and senior care business owners need to be flexible enough to hit these “moving targets.” Executive Home Care offers dynamic care options and programs to help franchisees accommodate clients at home, in hospital, or on the go, but flexibility is required to make these solutions work. You will also need to remain flexible about scheduling and staff assignments, and ready to swap in a new staff member if their chemistry with the client is off.
  • Attention to detail. Meticulousness is a very important trait in the senior home care business world. When you’re responsible for someone’s care, attention to detail is critical.
  • Interpersonal skills. Contrary to popular belief, no healthcare experience is needed to run a senior care business. Though our franchisees do complete a comprehensive training program that includes in-home care strategies and techniques, the focus is on the sales, customer service, and administrative aspects of senior care business Interpersonal skills are paramount! You will need to be warm, professional, and approachable at all times, both to clients and caregivers.
  • One of the most important traits for a senior care business owner to have is coachability. Our comprehensive training program can shore up any gaps in your knowledge and experience, but only if you’re willing to take advice and learn new things! If you’re not coachable, entering into a franchise system might not be for you. You will be expected to follow our proven franchise model.

On behalf of the Executive Home Care Franchise team, we hope this profile has inspired you to take the leap with your senior care business dreams.

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