How To Find The #1 Senior Care Franchise Near You: Top-3 Research Tips

How To Find The #1 Senior Care Franchise Near You: Top-3 Research Tips

You cannot partner with the #1 senior care franchise in your area unless you know how to find them. Today’s post shares 3 FREE research tactics to help find the best opportunity near you.

Check Third-party Review Sites

Though third-party review sites aren’t perfect, they’re more helpful than handpicked testimonials displayed on the owner’s webpage. Any self-proclaimed “#1 senior care franchise” should have dozens of positive reviews from former clients, employees, and owners.

Lucky for you, there’s no shortage of third-party review sites out there. Googling “[company name] reviews” is enough to get you started. Try these for starters:

  • Indeed–This site contains reviews from current and former employees, which can help you learn a bit about the brand’s management policies, training program, retention rates, and organizational culture.

    “Executive Care really cares about their clients and home health aids,” writes one reviewer contributing to our 4-star rating. “I would definitely recommend working here.”

  • Google My BusinessGMB is fast becoming the #1 senior care franchise review resource. Clients know that these official business listings get lots of views (it’s where a basic Google search for the business leads you), and they cannot be tampered with by owners, which makes them a popular “review repository.” Check out any Executive Care GMB listing–we consistently average 4-stars or better.

Visit The Senior Care Franchise Website

When evaluating senior care franchises, company websites are dubious sources of information. The business owner controls what appears on-site, and it’s only natural that they highlight brand strengths and omit weaknesses. Thus, do not rely solely on senior care franchise website information, and take all “#1 senior care franchise” claims with a grain of salt.

That said, there’s still plenty to learn from senior care franchise websites–you just have to read between the lines. Look past the sales pitches and value propositions, and consider the following:

  • Are they leveraging engaging video content? Any self-proclaimed “#1 senior care franchise” worth their salt should be investing in video content. Adding to a large body of literature, new Forbes research shows that relevant video content drives engagement and revenue more than any other ad medium. If you see engaging video content on the senior care franchise website, it’s a sign of web-marketing savvy and technological fluency that big brands need to stay on top in 2020.
  • Are they linking to active social platforms? Active social media campaigns help brands reach bigger audiences, get found in web searches, collect valuable marketing metrics, and connect with current and future clients. Any brand claiming the #1 senior care franchise spot should have active Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts, all of which will be prominently displayed on the website. If you don’t see any “social buttons” (i.e. the Twitter bird symbol, the Facebook f, or the YouTube play button) on-site, consider it a red flag–this basic cross-promotional oversight indicates either a lack of web marketing knowledge, or just plain sloppiness.
  • Does the website look good and run smoothly? Nowadays, the website is tantamount to physical signage or a brick-and-mortar storefront. If it looks shabby, your brand reputation and conversion rating takes a bit hit. Make sure the website looks professional and runs smoothly, without any excessive load times, clunky navigation, or dead-end pages. Check our website to get an idea of what to look for.

Make The Most Of Free Consultations

Any reputable senior care franchise will offer free, no-pressure consultations to potential investors. For quality companies, this is their chance to show off value propositions and share success stories; it’s an exciting opportunity in the mind of these franchisors. Low-quality companies tend to be a bit more reluctant, knowing they might not have the answers to your research questions.

Make the most of these free consultations. Come ready with a list of questions, and pull no punches!

Call 1-855-393-2372 or visit the Executive Care senior care franchise website to book yours today.

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