How-To Assess A Senior Care Franchise Sale: Top-3 Quality Indicators

How-To Assess A Senior Care Franchise Sale: Top-3 Quality Indicators

Borrowing from seminal strategic management textbooks, today’s post explains how to identify the building blocks of competitive advantage to properly value senior care franchise sales.

Using The ‘3 Building Blocks Of Competitive Advantage’ To Assess Senior Care Franchise Sales

Competitive advantage is a strategic business management concept defined as a firm’s ability to maintain above-average profitability over its competitors (Hill et al., 2014).

Borrowing from Jones and Hill’s Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach, we can apply the 3 main “building blocks of competitive advantage” to assess any senior care franchise sale.

These building blocks include:

  1. Superior efficiency
  2. Superior quality
  3. Superior innovation

Moving through these factors one-by-one, we can see what constitutes the Executive Advantage and allows us to consistently outperform other franchises.

1.   Superior Senior Care And Start-Up Efficiencies

Both our senior care service and start-up plans benefit from superior efficiency, thanks to the ongoing efforts of our owners and executive decision-makers. These efficiencies allow us to deliver premium care services whenever and wherever they’re needed—which helps local communities and grows our bottom-line—and also to offer fast, low-cost start-ups for new entrants.

Individualization drives our senior care service efficiencies. Every care program is tailored to the individual, which means no wasted effort for us and budget-friendly options for our clients (and in turn, gives franchise owners the option to use a broad low-cost strategy to penetrate new markets).

Likewise, the efficiency of our start-up plan has been an ongoing “labor of love” for our executives, who tirelessly invest their energy in finding ways to speed the process, give you more for your training time, and pass savings down to newcomers. Look no further than our start-up investment requirements—as little as $100,000, nearly half of which is reserved as your “safety net”—for proof of our efficiencies.

2.   Superior Senior Care Service Quality

When assessing senior care franchise sales, quality should be at the forefront. This is a trust-based industry, after all, where families entrust you with the safety of their loved ones, and where nobody is willing to compromise on quality.

Executive Care ensures superior senior care quality with the help of careful vetting and exacting training standards. All Executive Care staff are licensed, bonded, and insured, and they must meet both initial and ongoing training requirements. We monitor all caregivers closely and are utterly committed to quality service. But don’t take our word for it (or any that of any other company you may be researching, for that matter)—check out some reviews:

  • 5-star senior care service rating from RateABiz
  • A++ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • 5-star rating from com
  • Numerous service awards on the Executive Care website

3.   Superior Senior Care Innovation

Amidst the uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, innovation and adaptability is more important than ever. Look for innovation indicators while assessing senior care franchises for sale, such as:

  • Service innovation—Executive Care recently partnered with Lyft to increase senior mobility and independence
  • Marketing innovation—Executive Care combines traditional local marketing and ground-level promotional activities with the modern marketing practices used to win in the “Internet Age”
  • COVID-19 innovation—Executive Care continues to operate at full capacity and assist seniors in new ways during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to the innovative pandemic protocols described on our COVID-19 page

Senior Care Franchise For Sale: Learn More About The Executive Advantage

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