Home Care: How Important is Brand Loyalty?

Brand recognition and awareness can be crucial factors in brand loyalty and customer retention. While brand awareness is important for all industries and brands, brand loyalty is less important for some.

When it comes to an industry like home care, brand loyalty really is not that important. Why? Well, simply because there are no return customers. In industries like food service, cleaning service, automotive, etc… brand loyalty is everything because you want the same people to keep coming back and using your services. Since home care usually involves the elderly, chronically ill and disabled, it is not a repeat customer industry. Once there is a customer he/she will not start and stop services, you have that customer, basically, for life.

If you are looking for a home care franchise, pay attention to the royalties, how much contributes to marketing fees and what the marketing tactics are. Many companies have national advertising campaigns including commercials and print, which are brand awareness campaigns. These campaigns are important for customers to know the brand, but constant exposure will not bring customers back for more.

It is especially important to understand who actually looks for and purchases home care. While most people who need home care are the elderly, they are not the ones who actually purchase it. The purchasing decision is made by their children, usually a daughter or daughter-in-law, and it is a one-time decision. Once home care is purchased, there is no reason to purchase again because mom and dad are already taken care of.

Overall, brand awareness may be important to initially bring in customers to all industries, including home care, but brand loyalty and repeat customers are less important in home care. Once you have a customer, you have them for life and they most likely will not switch brands if they are satisfied with the service. When looking for home care franchises make sure that you know that it is more important to give an initial impression to new customers rather than many impressions to existing customers.

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