Should Your Home Care Franchise Get on Social Media?

So you have decided to pursue a home care franchise with the Executive Home Care team. Congratulations! You are about to enter into business with a proven franchise system that will help you embark on a journey through one of the most profitable and gratifying industries available to aspiring business owners today.

Your business may or may not have already launched, but you’re already thinking of ways to grow your brand and generate new leads. Marketing is often one of the most challenging aspects of new business ownership; many prospective business owners have sunk promising companies because they overspent on advertisements. On the other hand, neglecting your marketing duties squanders your potential and does a disservice to your home care franchise brand.

So where do you begin? There are many different marketing assets available to prospective business owners, but the advertising industry is changing. Print mediums are increasingly being replaced by digital marketing campaigns; electronic marketing is more environmentally friendly, and targets a growing majority of the population who spend their days glued to mobile devices.

Internet marketing is  a cost-effective way to grow your home care franchise, with social media being a particularly strong asset. In today’s article, we discuss a few reasons why your home care franchise ought to get active on social media.

Social media maximizes your home care franchise’s visibility with multiple generations.

Social media is a buzz word in nearly every industry, and it’s not hard to see why. In 2016, an estimated 78% of Americans had a social network profile, with projections estimating that there will be 2.5-billion users interacting in the digital world by 2018. That’s a lot of prospects for your new home care franchise! With numbers like that, the value of social media is clear.  The sooner your home care franchise gets online, the sooner you’ll get access to an invaluable platform that can be used to run promotions, interact with clients and prospects, and convert customers. If you write share-worthy posts or re-post funny, informative, and relevant media, you can stir up a discussion and reach bigger audiences.

And while most people associate social media use with Millennials, research has shown that considerable numbers of seniors and Baby Boomers are getting online to reconnect with old friends and maintain ties with distant family members.

Social media helps spread your home care franchise’s brand message.

When you’re part of a franchise system, consistency is key. Clients should receive the quality of care, customer service commitment, and support that they’ve come to expect from the Executive Home Care brand at every single franchise location. Our dedication to upholding our stellar brand image is one factor in what separates us from the competition, and what gets new start-ups business from the first day they open their doors. Franchising means being a team player, since growing – and, in this case, maintaining – the brand helps the entire franchise family.

Social media is the perfect platform for franchisees looking to spread the Executive Home Care team’s overall brand message. Facebook, Twitter, and the like give you an opportunity to represent your brand values with every single post, comment reply, and “like.”

Stumped on social media? Don’t worry – the Executive Home Care Franchise marketing system provides all the tools and training you need to get your brand name out there. Learn more at

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