Giving Back to Our Veterans: Exploring Specialized Care Options

In today’s post, we outline the need for senior veteran care, and explain how starting a home care agency with Executive Care makes it easy to establish yourself in this rewarding field.

Does It Make Business Sense To Specialize In The Care Of Senior Veterans?

Starting a home care agency for senior veterans requires no ethical justification, but is there money to be made by “doing the right thing?” If our research and frontline experience has taught us anything, it’s that caring for America’s senior veterans can be as profitable as it is gratifying. Here’s why:

Veterans Require Care In Great Numbers

As of 2015, there were over 18.8 million military veterans living in the United States. Of that number, 9.3-million are living veterans aged 65 and older. Amazingly, the number of World War 2-era veterans requiring care today is still just short of 1-million. Additionally, 1.8-million served in the Korean War, while 4.3-million served in peacetime only. According to Murdock and Cline (2015), veteran seniors comprised more than 20% of the elderly populations in 18 of the 25 metropolitan areas that showed the highest rates of senior growth.

The type and degree of care that veterans require varies based on the individual. Veterans who served in active duty often live with significant injuries received during combat or as a result of overuse and repetitive stress in training. Some veterans require specialized mental health services to treat PTSD and forms of dementia. Veterans may have disabilities that limit their mobility; in 2015, there were 3.9-million veterans who reported service-connected disabilities. Of this number, 1.2-million reported a rating of 70% or more – this rating is scaled from 0-100%, and represents the individual’s eligibility for compensation, discounts, and coverage.

These numbers make apparent how badly our veterans require qualified senior care services. At Executive Care, we give entrepreneurs the training, knowledge, and resources they need to satisfy the care needs of those who fought for our freedom. We offer a number of financing and discount options for veterans, and specialize in many forms of veteran care.

Veterans Requiring Qualified Senior Care Live All Over Country

There are multiple states housing more than 1-million senior veterans. Florida, California, and Texas have particularly high concentrations of senior veterans who require care, which makes franchising in these areas an attractive proposition for savvy business people. You can view more information about which territories are available for new franchisees at

What Specialized Care Options Does The Executive Care Family Provide?

Starting a home care agency with Executive Care allows you to provide the Skilled and Specialized care that our nation’s heroes require, along with special Veterans Benefits:

Skilled Care

Our skilled care services put senior veterans under the care of registered nurses from the comfort of their home. Skilled care services include assessments and consultations, medication management, simple wound care, fall prevention and home safety training, colostomy care, feeding tube care, bladder catheterization, and more.

Specialized Care

Like senior civilians, many senior veterans struggle with forms of mental illness and dementia as they settle into old age. Our specialized caregivers are trained and equipped to meet the care needs of veterans suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, MS, Parkinson’s, Stroke, ALS, spine and brain injury, developmental disabilities, and more.

Veterans Benefits

Veterans Administration offers special pension with aid and attendance benefits for veterans and surviving spouses with non-service related disabilities. Eligible candidates go through a 7-step process to determine eligibility. Visit to find out more about this exciting program.

Murdock, S., & Cline, M. (2015). Growth in elderly populations: Implications for Texas real estate markets. Technical Report: Real Estate Center – Texas A&M University, 1-60.

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