From Employee to Franchisee

The idea of being your own boss is an exciting one. That is why most people consider franchising; being in business for themselves and being their own boss.  But making the switch from employee to boss can be harder than some might expect.

When you start a franchise, you are not only the boss, but also an employee (unless you have the funds for a complete staff). You might be taking phone calls and dealing with clients by day and doing paperwork and billing by night. And what happens when the phone rings at 2 am? That’s on you too. The beginning of franchise ownership is not easy, no matter how much support you receive from the franchisor, most of the brunt work will be your responsibility.

As an employee, you would go to work, go home, and get paid regularly. As a franchisee all of those things become variable. You may not go home every day at 6 pm, and your salary will most likely not be regular.

While a franchisee is the boss of their business, ultimately they still need to answer to the franchisor. This can be difficult for some, as franchisees must follow a specific system. Sometimes franchisees might have to do things that do not make sense to them, because that is what the franchisor wants or requires.

As a franchisee, you are representing a brand, a brand that customers have come to know. While you may be running your own business under this brand, you must be willing to things the way the franchisor wants them to be done, regardless of how you think they should be done. Franchisors set up systems for a reason, and you, as a franchisee, will need to be able to follow those systems.

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