Franchising: PR vs Ads

Advertising is one of the difficulties in buying into a franchise. How do you know what kind of advertising is right for your particular business? Do you need extra advertising if the company advertises nationally? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when looking into buying a franchise. Most often, advertising requirements will be in your contract, these requirements may be very detailed, or they can be very vague.

The two forms of advertising that you will have to decide between are public relations (PR) and ads. In general, ads generate brand awareness and PR helps with credibility. Ads are also much more affordable if you look at them on a local print level. Local newspapers and magazines are your friend if you choose to place ads in local media. PR is the more expensive option, but you will have people placing your story in local media for you.

So which do you choose? That depends on a few factors. First, what is your franchisor already doing for advertising? If they utilize a national PR firm, there is no reason for you to hire a PR firm of your own. Next, what is your budget? Local print ads can be a useful way to get your brand out there without breaking the bank. Finally, who is your audience? If the people you are trying to reach do not read local newspapers, you must find out what media they do use.

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