Franchise Fact Sheet: 10 Reasons To Consider Starting A Home Care Agency In 2021

Franchise Fact Sheet: 10 Reasons To Consider Starting A Home Care Agency In 2021

If you have decided 2021 will be the year you leave the world of working for others behind you and become your own boss, it may be smart to consider starting a home care agency. While you may think you either don’t have the background for this type of business or that your community already has enough home care agencies to meet the needs of its citizens, you would be wrong on both counts. To show you why starting a home care agency in 2021 may put you on the path to business success, here are 10 reasons to consider while making your decision.

An Aging Population

Believe it or not, in less than 30 years there will be 84 million Americans aged 65 or older, creating an even bigger market than already exists for home care.

Money To Be Made

If you don’t want to wait 30 years, consider that by only 2025, the home health care market will be worth an estimated $520 billion. Needless to say, there is plenty of money to be made in this line of work.

The Need For Daily Assistance

In today’s world of folks who are at least 65 years of age, over 40% of them report needing help with various daily living tasks, such as bathing, dressing, and other related areas. If you love helping others, owning a home care agency can allow you to help others maintain their dignity and quality of life in their own homes.

Low Startup Costs

Here at Executive Care, we offer low startup costs for those wanting their own home care agency, making it easy to get into a business you will love.

Protected Territories

When you purchase one of our home care franchises, you will have a protected territory of over 500,000 residents, with the chance for multi-territory opportunities in the future.

Lack Of Family

For many seniors, their nearest child lives nearly 300 miles away. By owning a home care agency, you can fill this critical void of care.

Do What You Love

If you have spent years in a career you’ve only tolerated, now is your chance to be your own boss and do something you truly love.

Multiple Revenue Streams

By owning a home care agency with Executive Care, you’ll have access to multiple streams of revenue, potentially making your business even more profitable.

Many Markets

In addition to helping people stay in their homes, your business will also be able to provide services to hospitals, assisted-living facilities, and other similar facilities, giving you the chance to help people of all ages.

Impact Your Community

Finally, once you own a home care agency through Executive Care, you will be known as the person who is making a major impact in your community. From infants to seniors, your business will be vital to families everywhere.

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