Finding the Best Home Care Franchise in 2019

As the senior population continues its landmark growth, so too does the value of every senior care business opportunity. The “Greying of America” is underway, and the demand for senior care is spiking.

But if you want to succeed in this rewarding industry, you’ll need to partner with the best. Accordingly, today’s post is meant to help you find the best home care franchise for your needs. Read on to learn 4 criteria every brand on your shortlist should meet. 

  • Strong Standards and Careful Candidate Vetting. The best home care franchises know exactly what they from new candidates, and they stick to their guns (for your sake and theirs!).Steer well clear of companies that talk about signing the Franchise Agreement before they’ve taken the time to get to know you. That behavior reeks of “franchise fee collectors” rather than a legitimate franchise system. Legitimate senior care companies will want to invest in your success, and that means making sure you’re worth the investment!At Executive Care, our strong standards and careful candidate vetting ensure that you only share our brand name with the best. While no specific skills or experience is required, we look for candidates who are positive, hard-working, trustworthy, compassionate, and coachable, with a vision that aligns with our big-picture goals.Maintaining these exacting standards requires that we go above and beyond to get to know our candidates. During the introduction call, our primary focus is to learn about you, your background, and your vision. And before you sign anything, you’ll meet the entire Executive Care team and have dinner with our CEO & Founder.
  • A First-rate Reputation. The best home care franchises have the best reviews, from clients as well as former and current franchise owners. A simple online search can tell you a lot.Take Executive Care for example. A 5-second Google query shows consistent 5-star customer ratings and heartfelt reviews on Google My Business listings, 4.5/5 stars on RateABiz, and a perfect record on Facebook and com. The Better Business Bureau gave us 5 stars and an A+ rating, with 0 complaints filed since our opening over a decade ago.You can also find plenty of testimonials from former franchisees describing the extent of our training and support, as well as the quality of life upgrades their career change provided (we archived some of our favorites here).If that’s not enough, you can hear it “straight from the horse’s mouth” by speaking directly with current franchisees.
  • A Price that’s Right. The best home care franchises are neither too expensive nor too cheap. The former usually indicates a bloated business model (or a greedy franchisor); the latter usually means the brand skimps on support services, equipment, or start-up training.On average, the startup cost for an Executive Care business is approximately $100,000, including $44,500 to $68,300 of your own working capital. You can review the complete investment breakdown here.
  • Valuable Relationships. Does the business opportunity come with established insider relationships and networking opportunities? The best home care franchises understand the value of these assets.In addition to our innovative partnership with Lyft, Executive Care works with the International Franchise Association (IFA) and Community Health Accreditation Program, and has been featured in publications like Forbes, Fox Business, FranchiseUpdate, FranchiseTimes, and The New York Times. Furthermore, our franchise is one giant networking hub, with members of our franchise family constantly helping one another.

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