Find The Best Non Medical Senior Care Franchises: 2 Key Quality Indicators

Find The Best Non Medical Senior Care Franchises: 2 Key Quality Indicators

If you’ve already checked out some of our homecare industry analyses, you know there has never been a better time to start a non medical senior care franchise.

But dream market conditions don’t make it any easier to choose which company to partner with!

With so many opportunities out there, it can be tough to tell the good from the bad. But today’s post is here to help. Read on to learn 2 key quality indicators that all the best non medical senior care franchises will have. If your current picks come up short, they’re not worth your investment!

#1 – Multi-Service Models

The best non medical senior care franchises offer multiple forms of senior care.

Limiting yourself to a single senior care service limits your profitability and minimizes the impact you can make in your community. Besides, branching out into different senior care styles is relatively easy–the training and vetting requirements for senior companion caregivers are pretty much identical to those that assist with housekeeping, for instance.

Considering how easy it is to diversify your senior care offerings, and how badly America needs a variety of senior care services in 2020, it doesn’t make sense to overemphasize small niche services anymore. The best non medical senior care franchises understand this.

If the business model you’re currently considering doesn’t make room for diverse senior care needs, consider that a major red flag.

Executive Care offers the following services:

Every single service is 100% customizable to fit the client’s unique needs. In this way, we maximize our franchise owners’ ability to help, and to make a successful sale!

#2 – Robust Web Presence

The best non medical senior care franchises recognize that strong web assets are non-negotiable in 2020.

Today, potential customers only need a few seconds to formulate an opinion about your website–and about your brand, according to a user eye-tracking study conducted by the Missouri University of Science and Technology. A shoddy website with scarce content and irregular updates can literally cost you sales and rob you of opportunities to help seniors in your community.

In addition to a professional website, the best non medical senior care franchises will be active on at least a few of the “Big 5” social media platforms. Users are increasingly looking to social media for reviews, recommendations, and ways to connect directly with companies via direct messaging and company page wall posts, so you’d better be there to meet them!

Finally, the best non medical senior care franchises will have a sterling web reputation. That means no bad reviews and plenty of likes, followers, and 5-star ratings. This is especially important in the senior care industry, where trust matters most. A whopping 97% of business owners agreed that online reputation management is essential in a new TripAdvisor study.

Use Executive Care as the “gold standard.” All of our clients get set up with impressive, professional company websites; they build strong social assets, like this Executive Care Facebook page with a near 5-star rating and 500+ local followers; and they benefit from our glowing online reputation from day-one. Don’t settle for anything less–web assets really count in 2020.

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