Family Franchises

Many people have turned to franchising ever since the economic downturn, not only to find new jobs for themselves, but also for their children. Many recent college graduates are having a difficult time in the current job market, many move back home or go to work for mom and dad. But what if mom or dad (or both) have been laid off? That’s when a family franchise comes into play.

A family franchise can utilize everyone’s skills: previous working experience and new skills learned in college. It creates jobs and a steady income for the whole family. This solution also takes pressure off of parents who need to support adult children who cannot find jobs.

A family franchise is an investment for the future for both parents and children. Essentially, family franchises are they new ‘mom and pop’ shops.

If you are interested in starting a franchise with your family, Executive Care might be right for you. We are a family business and understand what it takes to run this kind of business and we consider any and all franchisees to be part of the Executive Care family. If you want to learn more about franchising with us, click here.

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