Why Start an Executive Home Care Franchise

What makes Executive Care unique is our devotion to client experience.

We understand the need to provide high-quality compassionate home care. And more importantly, we provide peace of mind to our clients and their families.

Are there other companies that do what we do? Of course! However, there is always room for one brand that understands its clients better; one that is operationally sound and one that consistently performs better than everyone else. Executive Care is that brand!

For Executive Care and the special people that join us, providing people with peace of mind is more than a corporate mission statement; it is the sole reason for doing what we do.

Executive Care franchisees receive the training and support they need to feel comfortable operating a business on their own. Franchisees enjoy a robust, customized software package that helps them streamline business operations, allowing them to dedicate more time to providing the best possible care for clients.

While Executive Care is equally dedicated to helping franchisees receive an excellent return on investment, we believe a franchisee’s financial success is tied to how clients receive compassionate home care. In other words, profitability is not the goal; it’s a by-product of the core value we contribute to each client we service.