Steady Wins the Race: Executive Care’s Franchise Growth Strategy

At Executive Care, a New-Jersey based home care franchise company, a franchisee is not just a number. The ambitious franchisees who decide to embark on this journey of financial independence with Executive Care are not forgotten and left to fend for themselves.

The outstanding customer service and support that Executive Care provides to its franchisees is all due to the fact that Executive Care focuses on the quality of their franchises, not the quantity. Lenny Verkhoglaz, CEO of Executive Care, believes in opening up no more than 10 units a year, in order for those franchisees to feel as if all their needs are taken care of instead of feeling like a cog in the machine.

With years of experience under his belt, since starting Executive Care in 2004, Verkhoglaz understands how competitive the private pay home care market truly is and brings this knowledge to his franchisees. By following Executive Care’s successful business model, Verkhoglaz envisions a bright future for all his current and future franchisees.

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