Evaluating Local Elder Care Franchise Opportunities

Today’s post explains how to evaluate local elder care franchise opportunities by interpreting commonplace signs in your community. Read on to learn 4 simple ways to value elder care franchise opportunities near you.

Interpreting signs of local senior care demand

Elder care franchise opportunities are available across the country, though most people go about their day-to-day lives oblivious to the signs. Knowing how to interpret these common indicators can help you assess the value of elder care franchise opportunities in your area:

  • Gen-X is spread thin – Born between the Baby Boomer and Millennial generation, Gen-Xers are now in a position where they’re forced to care for their parents and children simultaneously. It’s not easy to find time for a career and social life when your schedule’s split between taking your kids to school and getting your parents to doctor’s appointments, but it’s becoming increasingly common as the senior population swells to record-setting size. If you’ve noticed your local Gen-X peers, colleagues, and friends have been waylaid by parental care obligations, consider this a sign that senior care demand is on the rise.
  • Hospitals are busier than ever – Though people are healthier than ever, in 2017, America’s healthcare system was put to the test like never before, facing unprecedented demand from our nation’s record-setting over-65 population (Gillick, 2017. If you’ve noticed local hospital wait times increasing, specialist appointments becoming harder and harder to secure, and healthcare resources dwindling, consider this a sign that elder care franchise opportunities are available.
  • Seniors are dominating the public sphere –Demographic projections suggest that 1 in 5 Americans will be over the age of 65 by 2030, but these numbers are hard to wrap your head around until you’ve started seeing their impacts manifest locally. But today, seniors are more visible in public than ever, whether they’re walking the malls, reading quietly in libraries, or enjoying the Early Bird Special at the local diner. In fact, seniors are starting to dominate the public sphere, especially when younger adults are cooped up at work all day.

    Beyond illustrating general growth in the senior population, looking closely at where seniors are spending their time in public may reveal unfulfilled care needs. For example, some families encourage their elderly parents to visit their local library or community centers because they are uncomfortable leaving them at home alone. In a sense, they’re treated like latchkey children, who are often left in libraries for some semblance of adult supervision while their parents work. Similarly, seeing large numbers of seniors spending significant amounts of time alone in monitored public places is one sign that community senior care needs are unfulfilled.

  • Businesses are catering to seniors more than ever. You may have noticed an uptick in the number of senior specials and discounts being offered by local restaurants, movie theatres, and community centers. This is a sure sign that your community’s senior population is growing.

    Even more telling is the opening of businesses devoted to senior care products and services. If companies selling assistive devices, mobility aids, disability aids, and so on are popping up near you, consider this a strong sign that elder care franchise opportunities are available in your area!

Explore Elder Care Franchise Opportunities in Your Area

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Gillick, M. R. (2017). Old and Sick in America: The Journey through the Health Care System. UNC Press Books.

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