Crunching Numbers on Care: Elder Care Franchise Investment Information

Today’s post shares elder care franchise investment information to help entrepreneurs make informed business decisions. Let’s crunch some numbers on care and see how Executive Care fits your business goals!

Elder Care Franchise Investment Information – START-UP COSTS

Executive Care franchises require a first-year investment ranging from $99,750 and $151,000, which includes the franchise fee, operating capital, and ancillary start-up costs. Compared to a $400,000+ fast-food chain start-up, senior care is extremely affordable.

You can find a full investment breakdown at

Elder Care Franchise Investment Information – TIME COMMITMENT

Like many things in life, what you get out of senior care franchising depends entirely on what you put in. The great ROIs are generated through dedicated work and gradual business expansion.

That said, franchising with Executive Care is extremely flexible, and there’s still plenty of profit to be had from a part-time commitment. In fact, some of our most successful Executive Care franchisees have managed their companies part-time, with fully staffed offices, while pursuing other interests and family obligations.
Take New Jersey owner Jeff Wolf for example:

Jeff runs a successful senior care business in addition to his independent contracting company, which now specializes in mobility add-ons for seniors.

Elder Care Franchise Investment Information – WHAT AM I PAYING FOR?

Aside from the franchise fee, your investment with Executive Care gets you access to the following resources:

  • Unsurpassed training from first call to final contact – Refined and perfected since 2004, our training program is capable of turning industry newcomers into thriving senior care experts. Training covers everything from pre-opening planning to everyday operations.
  • Protected territories –To ensure every franchisee is given the best conditions to build their business free of inter-franchise competition, Executive Care offers  protected territories. Territories include up to 500,000 residents, and are chosen based on our proven demographic formula.
  • Industry-leading systems – Operationally-sound with more than 7 revenue streams available to owners, Executive Care’s proven system has brought quality care and profitable business to communities across America.
  • Cutting-edge tools – Executive Care uses a robust, customized software package that is designed to give franchisees an advantage in scheduling, telephony, billing, payroll, and client care.
  • A winning brand reputation – Executive Care franchisees benefit from our established brand name from their first day in business, skipping the trust-building phase that most owners need to endure during start-up. We have received accolades from FranchiseTimes, FranchsingWorld, and the International Franchise Association, and enjoy regular coverage from mainstream media including NCB Connecticut, the New York Times, News 12, Forbes, FOX Business, and more.

Elder Care Franchise Investment Information – PROFITABILITY

Investing in Executive Care is a highly profitable endeavor, with home health care standing as one of the fastest-growing sectors of our economy. In fact, franchise reports have ranked senior care as one of the top-five industries to get involved with today. You can find a full industry overview on our website.

If you’re looking for specific figures, you will need to request franchise information

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