Building a Senior Home Care Business Plan with Executive Care

If you’re looking for help creating a senior home care business plan, consider franchising with Executive Care.

BMC Health Service Research published a recent report highlighting the way that franchise systems like ours improve “the competitiveness and efficiency of organizations, the quality of care, and the professional work environment” (Nijmeijer et al., 2014, p. 1).

Today’s post explains the extent of the Executive Advantage when it comes to building (and executing) a senior home care business plan.

What is the Executive Advantage?

  • Collective growth. The report by Nijmeijer et al. (2014) also showed how franchises improve the diffusion of innovations, making reference to communication studies professor Everett Rogers’ theory about how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technologies spread (p. 2). Franchises are essentially just big business families, and there’s a constant emphasis on expedient sharing of best practices.
    Simply put, your franchise will benefit fast from any efficiency breakthroughs, new technologies or software, or game-changing bit of industry information that any of your Executive Care peers discovers. In a way, that’s like giving your business the collective brainpower of our entire franchise family, while still leaving you in control.
  • The perfect blend of autonomy and assistance. Building off our previous point, Nijmeijer et al. (2014) note that senior care franchises support the “autonomy of the professionals” running the businesses, while still “supporting them with effective practices and developed innovations” (p. 2). Though some macro-level decisions will be made by the franchisor, Executive Care franchisees enjoy a perfect blend of personal freedom and fool-proof franchise support.
  • A brand-name advantage. Nijmeijer et al. (2014) point to “shared positioning with a brand name and clearly defined services” as two more major benefits of franchising your senior care business. Where independent startups might spend years idling “in the red” while they build a brand name, Executive Care franchise owners enjoy a sterling reputation that lets them start earning their investment back right away. Not only do our individual locations score perfectly in Better Business Bureau reviews, but our brand has collectively ranked #11 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top New Franchises 2017 List and in Top Half of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 500 Franchises.
  • Unparalleled training and support. Our training has transformed entrepreneurs with almost no relevant experience into leading senior care providers. And our support services are with you from the first day you call until the day you retire. Imagine what you could do if all of the best, most relevant information for senior care were at your fingertips, and a team of senior care veterans were standing by to answer any question. Now consider the alternative – finding your own way; wasting time chasing dead-ends; burning clients through trial-and-error. It isn’t hard to see why so many choose the Executive Advantage.

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