Enduring Elder Care Opportunities: Reviewing Senior Care Industry Trends in 2018

Enduring Elder Care Opportunities: Reviewing Senior Care Industry Trends in 2018

The modern senior care is a multi-sector, multi-million dollar industry that entrepreneurs across the country are racing to get involved with. Today, we dig into peer-reviewed research to highlight 4 major industry trends that show the value of our elder care opportunities. Record-setting senior demographic growth makes for incredible elder car...

Comparative Value: Breaking Down the Senior Care Franchise Investment

Comparative Value: Breaking Down the Senior Care Franchise Investment

Today’s post breaks down the value of our senior care franchise investment in comparison to other industries at or below our start-up cost. Senior Care Franchise Investment Breakdown Because costs vary from place to place and everyone’s franchise vision is different, startup investments vary from $99,750 to $151,000. Here’s how it breaks do...

Am I Fit for the Senior Care Industry?

Am I Fit for the Senior Care Industry

If you’ve ever considered getting involved in the senior care industry but not known whether you fit, today’s post is for you. Read on to learn 4 make-or-break factors that will dictate your success in the senior care industry. Am I financially fit for the senior care industry? The Executive Care franchise start-up is just under $100,000. Dis...

Building a Senior Home Care Business Plan with Executive Care

If you’re looking for help creating a senior home care business plan, consider franchising with Executive Care. BMC Health Service Research published a recent report highlighting the way that franchise systems like ours improve “the competitiveness and efficiency of organizations, the quality of care, and the professional work environment”...

What Makes Aged Care Franchises So Successful?

Today’s post breaks down a few factors that explain the success of aged care franchises in 2018. Read on to learn 3 reasons to join up with the Executive Care family today. The demand for senior care has risen to new heights. Research by the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that the homecare industry more than doubled in value in a single decade. S...

Hear From Our Franchisees

Jeff W

“It’s a business that you can help people but also establish a stable revenue base. It’s an on-going service you are providing and we thought we could deliver quality services to improve the quality of life for our clients.”

Jeff W
Couple cutting franchise opening ribbon

“I’ve been a public school teacher and I’ve also owned a child care center. I chose Executive Care because they really won me over. Great people and you can really see that. They really enjoy what they do and they care about helping people. I’m looking forward to a long relationship with Executive Care.”

Iris O
Michael S and team

“Executive Care is very structured, very organized, they know what they are doing with 24/7 support. If we need it, they are there so I can’t say enough about Executive Care.”

Michael S
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