Beyond the Bottom Line: What Makes Top Rated Senior Care Franchises Great

Everybody knows that top rated senior care franchises are profitable. But what makes that possible? What is it beyond the bottom-line that distinguished top rated senior care franchises from low-level competitors?

Though by no means an exhaustive list, today’s post shares 3 keystones that all top rated senior care franchises have in common. Read on to learn what to expect out of the brand you invest in.

Focus on the Client Experience

One of the main distinctions between top rated senior care franchises and their competition boils down to attitude. Those who emphasize turning a profit may perform strongly out of the gates, but long-standing industry leaders always put the client first.

What makes Executive Care unique is our devotion to the client experience. We prioritize high-quality compassionate home care above all else, which helps us stand out from operationally sound competitors.

For the Executive Care franchise family, creating peace of mind for local communities is more than a corporate mission statement–it’s the main reason we do what we do.

While Executive Care is equally dedicated to helping franchisees achieve their business goals, we recognize that financial success is tied to the clients’ home care experience. This is a trust-based industry where your long-term success is directly associated with the degree to which your community can put their faith in you. Though our proven system delivers strong returns on investments, profitability is but a by-product of our end-goal to deliver high-quality care and peace of mind.

Giving Back to the Community

Building off our previous point, we take our commitment to the client experience one step further by prioritizing practices that build and enrich local communities. Though senior care services inherently fill an important community need, top rated senior care franchises take it a step further.

At Executive Care, we encourage all franchisees to get involved in community events as often as possible. In this way, our franchisees can simultaneously give back to the communities that support their business and interact with potential clients.

We also give back to the community directly by creating gratifying and rewarding career opportunities. We are an equal opportunity employer that offers competitive salary and benefits packages, as well as a good working environment.

Executive Care also serves the community by offering discounts to veterans. You can learn more about that here.

Progressive Senior Care Services

Lower level senior care franchises tend to focus on one or two care services, such as companionship, housekeeping, or basic assistance with the activities of daily living (ADLs).

This can be an effective strategy for small-scale businesses without the skills and resources needed to take larger market share, but it’s not the approach that top rated senior care franchises use.

Top rated senior care franchises think bigger, offering a continuum of senior care services that can be customized to meet any individual need. This not only helps the franchisee attain greater market share, but also creates a framework for long-term care relationships to develop–as the client ages and their care needs progress, they simply upgrade their service package, and continue to enjoy mobility, comfort, and independence with the help of the same trusted caretakers they’ve come to know. This is much easier for the client, and it encourages “repeat business,” which franchisees love.

Work with a Top Rated Senior Care Franchise

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