Believe in Best Practices: Start an Elderly Home Care Business with Executive Care

Believe in Best Practices: Start an Elderly Home Care Business with Executive Care

Looking to start an elderly home care business? Make sure you choose wisely!

A recent article by highlighted the top-5 most important elements of home care for seniors. The list included:

  1. Experience
  2. Empathy
  3. Professionalism
  4. Affordability
  5. Reputation

Survey results indicate that these five factors were most important in the purchase decisions of seniors choosing which care companies to use to make their independent lifestyles possible.

A follow-up study found that businesses that designed their services to accommodate these needs performed better than the competition in terms of overall sales, customer retention, and total time required to reach the break even point. Now catering to these 5 important elements is considered a “best practice” in senior care.

Today’s post underscores the value of starting an elderly home care business with Executive Care by explaining how our model delivers on all 5 of these critical customer criteria.

Read on to learn what makes Executive Care such a smart choice for those looking to start an elderly home care business in 2019.

Executive Care: The Gold Standard For Senior Care Services

1. Start an elderly home care business with an experienced team. Since 2004, Executive Care has been delivering quality home care services to families and local communities throughout the United States. In that time, we have helped thousands of clients realize their dream of healthy, happy, and safe independent living.

We are approaching nearly two decades in business, and our company model has never looked better. Year after year, we have invested considerable time and effort into the development of our service offerings, online presence, proprietary business software, brand name, and support services. Today, we offer a sleek, affordable, and highly effective business formula that has helped dozens of entrepreneurs build successful companies in a new industry. Let our experience serve you!

2. Executive Care was born out of empathy and compassion. The Executive Care story does not start with a savvy investor-type pouncing on a thriving market opportunity. Instead, it starts with two concerned neighbors abandoning their Valentine’s Day plans to care for a senior in need. That single experience stirred something inside of our founders Mile Feldman and Lenny Verkhoglaz, who would go on to launch the Executive Care brand the following year.

Thus, Executive Care has been all about compassionate care since day one. This ethos comes through in our policy and practices.

3. Start an elderly home care business with true professionals. We offer professional guidance and support for every step of your senior care journey. From the first day you navigate our website to book an appointment, to your first meeting with our team, to the first day your doors are open for business, you’ll be blown away our commitment to excellence and a smooth investor experience.

4. Start an elderly home care business without breaking the bank. Executive Care has developed a sleek and effective business model that minimizes overhead expenses and helps start-ups avoid common and costly pitfalls that push profitability further out of reach. With Executive Care, you can start an elderly home care business for between $99,650 and $161,900, which includes your franchise fee, recommended operating capital, and other startup costs.

5. Align yourself with a trusted, reputable brand. Senior care is a trust-based business, so it’s important that your chosen brand have a positive reputation. In this regard, Executive Care is the gold standard: we are highly rated on third-party review sites, and have been recognized with a number of awards you can read about here.

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