What Do the Best Senior Care Franchises Have in Common?

The senior care industry is growing at unprecedented rates, with nearly 4-million Americans set to age past 65 this year. By 2030, there will be over 70-million seniors awaiting care, and according to one AARP study, 90% of them prefer to “age in place” with the help of senior care franchises like ours.

So you want in on this opportunity, but aren’t sure which brand to choose.

How do you spot the best senior care franchises? What differentiates them from the undesirable alternatives?

Today’s post shares 4 things that all of the best senior care franchises have in common. Read on to learn why Executive Care should be at the top of any investor’s list.

  • Serious reputational capital.

    Reputational capital is a fancy quantitative measure of the value and strength of a company’s reputation. It’s based on a tally of the company’s intangible assets, including their business processes, patents, trademarks, reputations for ethics and integrity, quality, safety, sustainability, security, and resilience.

    With the right amount of reputational capital, a company gains trust, legitimizes its position of power and social recognition, increases shareholder commitments in times of crisis, and, in the case of a franchise, ups the odds of a new franchisee signing on. Strong reputational capital also controls how much a company is able to charge for their services; the best senior care franchises can charge a premium because their clients are willing to pay for guaranteed quality.

    All the best senior care franchises have serious reputational capital, but Executive Care’s standing is matchless. We are recognized as trusted caregivers in local communities, and have a national reputation as leaders in our industry. Our quality is supported by 5-star reviews on third-party sites like RateABiz, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau, as well as accolades from Forbes, Fox Business, Franchise Update, FranchiseTimes, FranchisingWorld, and the International Franchise Association.

  • Ongoing training and support.

    All franchises boast some kind of training system, but the best senior care franchises live by the idea that your support and education should never end. Executive Care’s initial training includes everything you need to plan, open, and operate your business, but we don’t stop there. In addition to having 24/7 access to online training materials for you and your team to reference, modules and webinars are constantly being developed to expand the skills and knowledge of our franchisees. Furthermore, we host annual conferences offering more classes and workshops that any one person could possibly attend.

  • Web-savvy.

    With the majority of business-related searches occurring online today, a strong web presence is non negotiable. The best senior care franchises have high-quality websites, social media assets, and diligent web citations on local directories. Executive Care does it all at a high level – simply Google our brand, or visit our website to see for yourself. We get franchisees involved with building a personalized website and managing web marketing, sales, and advertising training from day-one.

  • A broad range of senior care services.

    Custom care isn’t possible without flexible homecare options, which is why all the best senior care franchises offer a varied service suite. Executive Care offers 7+ different services, designed to help America’s seniors with everything from socializing and travel to the activities of daily living. In doing so, we make it possible to cater to the individual’s care needs, while also maximizing opportunities for franchisees to profit and help their communities.

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