5 Signs of a Top Senior Care Franchise

If you’re looking to get involved with a senior care franchise, due diligence is paramount. Though the eldercare industry is being valued at an all-time high, your business success still hinges on your ability to identify top senior care franchise opportunities. Choosing the wrong brand to get behind can strand you with limited support or burden you with a subpar reputation.

With this in mind, today’s post is designed to support your due diligence. By showing you exactly what to look for in a top senior care franchise, we will inform your selection criteria and set your eldercare franchising dreams up for success.

Read on to learn 5 signs of a top senior care franchise, and find out whether the Executive Care family is right for you.

  • Top senior care franchises offer more than medical services. Offering medical services and specialized forms of care is important if you want to maximize revenue and serve your community to the fullest, but it shouldn’t be your only offering. There is an enormous demand for homemaking, companionship, and personal care services, and top senior care franchises take full advantage of these potential revenue streams.
  • Top senior care franchises eliminate inter-franchise competition. Joining a franchise family full of successful business people is great, unless you’re forced to compete with them! Top senior care franchises ensure that every franchisee has exclusive rights to a predefined market large enough to sustain their growth. At Executive Care, we use a reasonable territory system that stops franchise family members from cannibalizing each other’s sales, and gives both single and multi-unit franchise owners the room they need to thrive. On the other hand, franchisors who operate without these kinds of territory protections are usually more concerned with royalties and franchise fee collections than they are with growing the brand for all involved.
  • Top senior care franchises are not cost-prohibitive. The best senior care franchises are more concerned with getting entrepreneurs into positions to make a difference in their community than they are in collecting outrageous start-up fees. Of course, shockingly low start-up costs should generally be treated as red flags, or at least as a sign that your franchise’s support services may be lacking, but the in-home senior care model is relatively affordable and the price should reflect that.Another reason top senior care franchises can cut down the start-up costs is because they have faith in their model and market analyses. Because their franchise systems have proven success, franchisors can make the money other brands charge up-front over time through mutually beneficial royalty collections. The bottom-line takeaway is that top senior care franchises should be affordable. Most Executive Care franchisees get started for under $100,000.
  • Top senior care franchises support you every step of the way. If you’ve already begun your franchise research, you’ve likely come across some horror stories of fly-by-night franchisors who make themselves scarce after collecting the franchise fee. Top senior care franchises like Executive Care understand how startup and ongoing support services benefit the entire franchise family, and that’s why we make the extra effort to help you in any way we can.
  • Top senior care franchises have top-tier training. Though a medical background is helpful, you should never need prior care taking experience to run a senior care franchise. Top senior care franchise training programs should be able to bring you up to speed in a matter of weeks, and ideally give you the choice between working on the front lines or the business’s back-end. Do not settle for subpar training, as this entire industry revolves around the trust clients place in the quality of their care.

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