5 More Reasons to Start an Elderly Home Care Business in 2017

An estimated 7,000 people age past 65 every day. In fact, people over 85 currently represent the fastest growing segment of the population – and the wealthiest – which makes apparent the appeal of starting an elderly home care business in 2017. Working with the Executive Care team is a rare opportunity to make money doing what’s right for your community, and we can help you get started for less time and money than you might think.

Still not convinced that the time is right to start an elderly home care business? We share even more reasons to get involved in senior care in 2017 below:

People Want To Age At Home.

AARP research shows that upwards of 90% of people plan to grow old in their home and community. It’s not hard to imagine why; life is just more comfortable at home, and nobody wants to walk away from something they’ve spent a lifetime building and filling with memories just because their care needs have increased. Clearly, the demand for Executive Care services is big, and it’s here to stay.

An Increasing Number Of Families Are Being Confronted With The Stressful Realities Of Senior Care

With the Baby Boomer generation rapidly aging, Gen Y and Gen X are being left to care for their parents. While this is an honor and a privilege for many children, the reality of time constraints and their lack of qualifications cannot be ignored. For many families, the burden of providing senior care for their aging parents is simply too much to bear when life is already pulling them in different directions. Rather than providing insufficient care or resenting their untenable care responsibilities, many Americans turn to elderly home care businesses like ours for relief. We help families ensure their parents can continue to live healthy, independent lives, and also free up more time to build new memories together, rather than stressing over their day-to-day care.

Favorable Aging Demographics Cannot Be Ignored

For the first time in history, senior demographic growth is outpacing that of children under 5. This “gray wave” is sweeping the entire world; over 500-million people are currently aged past 65, accounting for more than 8% of the world’s population. By 2040, the 65+ demographic will have growth by 160%, and populations aged 80+ will have swelled by 233%!

There is an ever-increasing need for elderly home care businesses. 2017 is your year to make a splash in this industry!

Elderly Home Care Businesses Make A Real Difference

Working with EHC is your chance to make money while you make a difference in your community. Our offices create valuable jobs for talented workers, while also bringing qualified caregivers in to accommodate community care needs. You will make a difference not only in the lives of others, but your own; don’t be surprised when you go home every night feeling great about what you accomplished that day!

Elderly Home Care Businesses Are Unaffected By Recessions

There will always be a growing demand for quality senior care, regardless of the economic climate. Furthermore, studies indicate that roughly 75% of America’s wealth is controlled by our senior citizens. Consider then that even during recessions, your business will have strong, versatile revenue streams that flow to the nation’s wealthiest people.

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