5 Reasons to Join the Executive Home Care Franchise Family

You’re interested in senior care, but can’t decide whether it’s best to start your own business or buy into a home care franchise. You aren’t alone – we talk to thousands of prospective business owners who are standing at the very same crossroads every year!

Read on to learn 5 reasons why it makes sense to join the Executive Home Care team.

  • A proven model of success. If you’re eyeing the profitability of the ever-expanding care market, it may seem tempting to forgo the franchise fees and launch a business of your own, but beware the hidden costs, risks, and time sinks of self-starting! Starting your own business from the ground up means figuring out everything from individual client care services to marketing campaigns on your own. This means you’ll have to wait longer and spend more money to get your doors open for business. Alternately, when you buy a home care franchise with the Executive Home Care family, you’re buying into a proven system that can morph you from ambitious industry outsider to industry expert in no time. You may find it easier to get into a profitable routine sooner when you work with our franchise system, brand name power, and marketing systems.
  • Ongoing access to expert advice from people who know exactly what problems you may encounter. Starting a business on your own is a completely unsupported endeavor. While this makes success all the more gratifying, it also makes failure much more likely. According to research by Bloomberg Business, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. Even with an abundance of tools and information at our disposal, businesses continue to fall apart because owners lack experience. As a franchisee within the Executive Home Care family, you get access to a national community of home care experts who are intimately familiar with the ups and downs of the industry. Our community of registered nurses, business experts, and mentors can help you with any aspect of your franchise, and will guide you from your first day of training to your final day of work!
  • The opportunity to affiliate with a strong brand. A franchise is an offshoot of an established brand, which means new members of the Executive Home Care franchise family get all the perks of big business for the price of entry into a small business system. Your company’s bottom line will be driven by national-scale marketing, and you won’t have to deal with the slow-going of start-up most entrepreneurs experience while trying to “get their name out there.”
  • World class training. When you buy into the Executive Home Care franchise family, you get access to some of the most comprehensive and efficient training systems available in the senior care industry. Our training builds you a strong foundation with pre-opening planning and business development education, helping you set goals from day 1 that you can work towards each day. Our initial franchise training involves a comprehensive one-week instructional including hands-on franchise training to get new entrants completely comfortable with our system and day-to-day operations. Once your doors are open for business, we keep you comfortable with our responsive on-site support service, and schedule visits from our home care franchise support team to ensure everything’s running smoothly. Finally, we offer team development and continuing education resources so that you can always be working towards a new goal.
  • Multiple revenue streams. While many home care franchises deal only in at-home care and companionship for seniors, our business is built on multiple revenue streams that include everything from traditional in-home senior care to hospital visits, retirement center care, and more for clients of any age.

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