3 Things to Add to Your Home Care Business Checklist for Faster ROI

The senior care business is booming, which means start-up opportunities in this industry are proliferating. So finding the right opportunity (with the right ROI) can feel a little like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Like any good prospective franchise owner, you’re doing your due diligence. With a home care business checklist in hand, you’re researching all you can about the different opportunities that are available to you.

But wait – how do build that home care business checklist if you have no prior experience in this industry?

Today’s post is for those just beginning their research. We look at consumer trends, market developments, and the overall competitive landscape to break down 3 things that every home care business checklist needs in 2018.

These 3 things should be considered non-negotiable, since they are now essential for maintaining competitive advantage and supporting a strong return on investment. If the company you’re considering lacks any of these assets, consider that a major red flag!

Non-Negotiable Criteria for your Home Care Business Checklist

  1. Robust training and support services. Training and support are two of the biggest benefits of franchising, and that should be reflected in your home care business checklist.At Executive Care, our training and support starts with pre-opening planning and business development work to guide you through key elements of opening your business and setting short and long-term goals. Next, a week of initial franchise training takes place at our corporate offices in Hackensack, New Jersey. We also provide complete back-office training and support to get you up to speed on all software, account development, and marketing duties. Afterwards, our on-site support team will be standing by to visit your location and assist you with sales, business development, training, and operations. Moreover, our team development and continuing education programs provide 24/7 access to online training materials for you and your team, so you can work through modules and webinars designed to expand your skills and knowledge at your own pace (and from any internet-enabled device).
  2. Strong online marketing assets and search-engine visibility. Though this business is based on trust and often built through word-of-mouth recommendation, many people still rely on web searches to help them locate qualified home care businesses. That means senior care companies need websites (separate entities for franchisees and clients), social media accounts, and other high-visibility web assets to stay competitive, especially early on when building a customer base.For these reasons, we offer online marketing training and services for our franchisees, which is included in our back-office training program.

    But don’t take our word for it – visit our website at https://www.executivecarefranchise.com. We have hundreds of free informational articles and multimedia resources to explore. You can also visit our client site at https://www.executivecare.com to get an idea of what prospects would see. Click around both sites and consider how your other candidates stack up.
  3. Far-reaching revenue streams. The senior home care market is booming, but that doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself to a single demographic or care setting. At Executive Care, we offer varied levels of care for different age groups, and have recently even partnered with Lyft to offer transportation services. In doing so, we give our franchisees access to 7+ revenue streams, and allow them to help the greatest amount of people.

Add these non-negotiable criteria to your home care business checklist to ensure you aren’t settling for anything substandard!

If you want access to the Executive Advantage, visit https://executivehomecarefranchise.com.

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