3 Reasons To Consider Starting Your Own Home Care Business In A Small Town

3 Reasons To Consider Starting Your Own Home Care Business In A Small Town

It’s only natural to think big opportunities lie in big cities, but starting your own home care business in a small town offers several advantages for new investors. Read on or call 1-(855)-393-2372 to learn more!

Reason #1—Small Towns Give You The Best Of Both Worlds

Most small towns are big-city-adjacent, and since our caregivers travel, you can have your cake and eat it too. Dominate untapped small town markets while you provide respite care and staff supplementation services to nearby metropolitan areas.

Reason #2—Demand For Senior Care Abounds In Untapped Small-town Markets

When discussing the spike in demand for senior home care in large urban areas, researchers point to the following factors:

  • COVID-19 is increasingly in the demand for home care businesses that can provide pandemic-safe services to support seniors currently sheltering-in-place
  • Approximately 1 in 5 people will be over the age of 65 by 2030, and as many as 1 in 4 by 2050
  • Americans are living longer than ever, and record-high 80+ populations demand unprecedented amounts of in-home care
  • AARP survey research determined that 90% of American seniors desire to “age in place” with the help of a full or part-time caregiver
  • The prevalence of senior caregiver burden is increasing; respite services are more in-demand than ever

But all of these factors also apply to seniors in small towns, too—indeed, many even more so, as senior support services are frequently less developed or numerous in rural communities, and friends and family live farther apart.

It’s a fact that small town opportunities abound in the United States. About 16,500 towns have populations under 10,000, according to Statista research, representing an astounding 84% of all US cities and towns! Another 1,557 towns have populations ranging from 10,000 to 24,999.

Reason #3—Small Town Market Penetration Is Relatively Easy

While the populations in small towns aren’t as dense as those in large urban areas, the competition is often much lower than what you’d face in metropolitan hubs, making market penetration much easier.

What’s more, it’s often easier to spread word of mouth and build trust in smaller, close-knit communities.

With the Executive Care model and brand name behind you, small town market penetration is even easier. We provide the perfect blend of small town customer care and nationally recognized services; we help you find the perfect territory to maximize your ROI; and we constantly drive business to your door via national marketing campaigns and branding. And with fewer big-brand competitors to drain your resources, you can redirect your budget and efforts towards local marketing, service expansion, and building brand loyalties.

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