3 Marketing Tips To Increase Home Care Franchise Revenues

3 Marketing Tips To Increase Home Care Franchise Revenues

Today’s post is intended for home care franchise owners looking to increase marketing revenues, as well as prospective owners that want to learn more about the kinds of marketing support Executive Care provides.

Top-3 Marketing Tips To Increase Home Care Franchise Revenues

1.  Use Marketing Copy To Address COVID-19 Concerns

Survey research from the American Association of Advertising Agencies shows that consumers want to hear from brands now more than ever. 43% of survey respondents found it reassuring to get COVID-19 updates from their favorite brands, and 56% enjoyed hearing about the steps companies are taking to “stop the spread.”

As you approach your “pandemic marketing strategy,” the first step will be to collect fresh marketing data. With the situation evolving every day, any metrics you collected 6+ weeks ago are no longer relevant. Fresh data is already being circulated among Executive Care franchisees, but if you’re outside the franchise system you’ll need to start manually collecting metrics from your various marketing assets.

At the same time you begin to collect new data, start addressing consumer safety concerns. All senior care businesses are implementing “pandemic safety protocols,” such as social distancing, use of PPE, and contactless services, and now’s your chance to tell your audience all about them. Companies that fail to do so can expect to see big drop-offs in new clients.

Based on your new marketing metrics, begin creating marketing content focused on telling relevant, authentic stories that audiences find relatable. Acknowledging our shared struggle with specific examples, and that fact that we’re all in this together, can be enough to touch the hearts of your audience. It’s also a good idea to highlight the essential role that senior care workers play, the risks they take, and their continued partnership with frontline health care heroes.

2.  Unlock The Power Of Digital Marketing

If you haven’t “Virtualized” your home care franchise in 2020, you’re behind the times. We’re in the digital age, and any business without strong online presence is asking for trouble.

Nowadays, there are tons of valuable online marketing options you can use to get your audience in front of huge audiences, from Facebook and Google Ads to pay-per-click marketing and organic SEO. While these subjects are far beyond the scope of a single article, the bottom-line message is quite simple: if you’re not leveraging digital marketing, you’re in trouble. There’s a reason Executive Care’s training program spends a good deal of time on digital advertising, website management, and social media campaign management, after all.

3.  Take Your Home Care Franchise Message On The Road

Internet advertisements targeting smartphones aren’t the only kind of “mobile marketing” that can benefit your home care franchise. Taking your message “on the road” with branded car wraps is a great way to make impressions around your city, and effectively transform every parking spot, work commute, or traffic jam into a high-value marketing opportunity. When vehicle wrap manufacturers 3M conducted a three month study on the effectiveness of vehicle wraps in San Francisco, they discovered that a single truck could generate up to 16 million visual impressions per year!

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