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Starting a Home Healthcare Business with the Executive Care Advantage

Starting a Home Healthcare Business with the Executive Advantage

With America’s senior population growth shattering records every day for the foreseeable future, the time is right to get started in the homecare industry. By 2030, 1 in 5 Americans will be over the age of 65, and over 90% of that population will rely on in-home care companies to provide the support they need to age comfortably in place. If yo...

Funding Your Dream: How to Buy a Home Health Care Business in 2019

Are you ready to make money while making a difference in your community? Want to learn how you can take care of your future by helping others? If you’ve ever dreamed of buying a home health care business, but lack specialized training and experience, the Executive Care franchise system might be the answer. Our franchise system is proven, pr...

Leadership Skills That Translate to Franchise Ownership Success

If you are considering getting involved in a franchise opportunity, there are many important factors to take into consideration. When you’re thinking through everything from financial to organizational concerns, it may be simple to overlook another important factor: your leadership skills and abilities. Before diving into the franchisee realm, y...

Hear From Our Franchisees

Jeff W

“It’s a business that you can help people but also establish a stable revenue base. It’s an on-going service you are providing and we thought we could deliver quality services to improve the quality of life for our clients.”

Jeff W
Couple cutting franchise opening ribbon

“I’ve been a public school teacher and I’ve also owned a child care center. I chose Executive Care because they really won me over. Great people and you can really see that. They really enjoy what they do and they care about helping people. I’m looking forward to a long relationship with Executive Care.”

Iris O
Andy C

“I was ready for a change. I was ready to start something new. Owning an Executive Care has been very rewarding just by the response you get from the community because so many people have a need to help their loved ones out and we offer that in-home service to make their lives a little bit better. Staying at home, making the family members’ lives better, not having to worry about their loved ones. I think it’s great to be able to help out the community in that way.”

Andy C
Michael S and team

“Executive Care is very structured, very organized, they know what they are doing with 24/7 support. If we need it, they are there so I can’t say enough about Executive Care.”

Michael S
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