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Beyond the Bottom Line: What Makes Top Rated Senior Care Franchises Great

Everybody knows that top rated senior care franchises are profitable. But what makes that possible? What is it beyond the bottom-line that distinguished top rated senior care franchises from low-level competitors? Though by no means an exhaustive list, today’s post shares 3 keystones that all top rated senior care franchises have in common. Re...

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff in Senior Care

To “separate the wheat from chaff” is to sort the valuable from the worthless; “chaff” is the thin, dry, scaly bracts that form a dry husk around the precious grain in cereals like rice, barley, oats, and wheat. When it comes to home health franchises for sale, the “chaff” is any company that’s going to lead you astray or leave you...

Best Home Care Franchise Business Model for Beginners: Top 4 Must-Haves

Make sure you’re choosing the best home care franchise business model by comparing your current pick with Executive Care’s list of essential features. Read on to learn the top-4 “must haves” for your senior care company. Beginner-Friendly Systems, Training, and Support The best home care franchise business models recognize how ...

Hear From Our Franchisees

Jeff W

“It’s a business that you can help people but also establish a stable revenue base. It’s an on-going service you are providing and we thought we could deliver quality services to improve the quality of life for our clients.”

Jeff W
Couple cutting franchise opening ribbon

“I’ve been a public school teacher and I’ve also owned a child care center. I chose Executive Care because they really won me over. Great people and you can really see that. They really enjoy what they do and they care about helping people. I’m looking forward to a long relationship with Executive Care.”

Iris O
Michael S and team

“Executive Care is very structured, very organized, they know what they are doing with 24/7 support. If we need it, they are there so I can’t say enough about Executive Care.”

Michael S
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