10 Best Senior Care Services to Offer in 2017


Trying to find a list of the 10 best senior care franchises to own in your area?

Sorry about your luck, diligent franchise researcher: you won’t find one. At least, you won’t find one that can really say what’s best for you.

Compiling a list of the 10 best senior care franchises to own is helpful when they happen to be in your area, but not everyone will be so lucky. You may find that acting on certain franchise opportunities in top-10 lists requires a life-changing relocation.

These lists also tend to be more about advertising than authenticity; senior care brands won’t promote their competition, so lists like these get posted by curators, who often collect advertising fees for their recommendations. You end up reading a bulleted ad instead of a franchise research resource.

For these reasons, we’ve decided to forgo listing the top-10 best senior care franchises to own. “Best” is subjective. Instead, we outline 10 care services that quality franchises should offer. Use this list to build your selection criteria, then conduct your own research on what’s available in your area. The following services are in high demand, which means they’re highly profitable. If your prospective senior care franchise doesn’t offer something similar, consider it a red flag!

  • Companionship. Not all senior care services are about physical well-being. A growing numbers of Americans are seeking companionship services to increase their quality of life and emotional well-being as they “age in place.”Companionship services also allow franchise owners to build more client relationships. Some clients are not ready to have new caregivers enter their lives on a full-time basis, and Companionship Services are an excellent way to ease this transition. At Executive Home Care, many specialized care clients first contacted us for companionship.
  • Homemaking. Homemaking services offer practical assistance with routine household tasks to ensure the client’s loved one is living in a safe, clean, and healthy home environment. From a business perspective, homemaking services are valuable in many of the same ways as companionship services, giving owners opportunities to build client relationships and position themselves as future care providers.
  • Personal Care. Record numbers of American seniors are hiring personal caretakers to help with the activities of daily living, which include bathing, dressing, meal preparation, running errands, and more. Competent senior care franchises will offer these services to maximize revenue streams for their franchisees.
  • Live-in care. Live-in care is provided to individuals with more complex care needs, and often involves 24-hour supervision.
  • Specialized care. Individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, MS, Parkinson’s, stroke, ALS, spine and brain injury, or developmental disabilities will need specialized care from highly trained caregivers.
  • Skilled care. Many clients require skilled care from Registered Nurses. Ensure your chosen brand has RNs on staff!
  • Supplemental staffing. Truly market savvy senior care franchises will offer supplemental staffing as a way to generate additional income and assist with health care shortages experienced by local facilities.
  • Care insurance consultations. Senior care franchises deal with care insurance every day, but few brands actually monetize their expertise. At Executive Home Care, we offer consultations where we help clients understand unfamiliar terms and concepts in coverage to ensure they make the best choices moving forward. It’s a great way to build client relationships, and it is another thing to feel good about!
  • Veteran Assistance program assistance. The best senior care franchises do all they can for our nation’s Veterans. At Executive Home Care, we walk clients through a 7-step process to determine their eligibility for Veteran’s assistance.

These are 10 services that America’s growing senior population are demanding in 2017. Find out more about Executive Home Care at https://executivehomecarefranchise.com/executive-home-care/We have opportunities all over the country!

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